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    Quote Originally Posted by Edelweiss View Post
    Orange works, it's not rocket science.

    If you wear a full length orange coat or orange shirt, you will be seen.

    If you wear a tattered scrawny orange hat or beat up orange vest, and somehow make it through the day without getting a ticket, you might not come home.

    You can be the guy wearing a coffin, I'll wear orange.

    And as far as not wanting to be seen by other hunters, unless you are breaking the law I can't see the intelligence in that.
    One of my treestands is in a less than obvious spot that is quite close to a public road and on public land. When I am in the tree I am very visible I'm sure by road hunters when decked out in orange. As I have taken several good deer from this stand I must confess I hide my orange when a truck comes by. In fact I did so just about 3 hours ago. I have never seen another hunter there and wish to keep it that way. (One example)
    I suspect that your hunter density may be somewhat more that what we have here.
    If it is that bad where you're at I'd wear body armor.
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