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I've always worn orange. Even when the state didn't require it.

What I don't understand in Colorado is why bow hunters don't have to wear orange? They hunt during the same time as muzzle loader and some rifle hunters are hunting. The DOW claims that game don't see blaze orange like we do, and aren't spooked by it. I agree with that, So, why don't bow hunters have to wear it? When I asked a warden that question. he just scratched his head, and gave no answer.

btw For those who hunt in Colorado. You know of course you have to wear 500 sq in of blaze orange. Did you also know if you wear a backpack that isn't blaze orange that you can get a ticket? If you cover your back with a camo back pack, or some other color other than orange. That you don't have the 500 sq in showing anymore. My back pack is blaze orange. You can also use a spare orange vest to cover the back pack.

I leave antlers on the ground. I have no use for them, but that not the case for most hunters. I've seen them coming off the mountain with no orange worn, and the antlers strapped to their back. Are they crazy!! You look like an elk to another shoot happy hunter that will shoot at anything.

Not me. I want to look like a big blob of blaze orange to any other hunter. Those who don't wear blaze orange when it's not required are foolish.
I see it as muzzleloaders and rifle hunters hunting during the bowhunting season in Colorado. One of the many stupid rules that the DOW has enacted trying to appease everyone & make more $$$$$ for their coffers.