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It seems that many have been brainwashed to think hunter orange is some magic safety shield. I hunt in many states each year, some that require orange and some that don't. I follow the law, but don't wear orange when not required. Some of the states without a requirement have the lowest accident rates. I have no objections to removing a hunter orange hat, for example, during a photo session. Most all photographers realize the hat can add shadows and hide the person's face. I don't go out of my way to avoid all orange in photos, but have no problem hanging a vest in the bush nearby and staging a quality photo. I'm not hunting at that point and have no worries about someone shooting into a area where I am conducting a photo shoot. I do hang some flagging tape from antlers, particularly in thicker, brushy country during a pack out. I see no reason to encourage others to shoot my direction, but I really think this concern is overblown by many without much hunting experience.
Very well said. I ride my horses without helmets and once in awhile ride my Harley without a helmet. I keep all things in perspective and not try to overthink what can be safe vs. what can be safer.