A lot of folks don't follow the orange rule in their trophy photos.

I have also noticed it in major magazines, and on tv. Heck some of these folks don't wear orange in the field.

Regardless of how much safer I really think it makes me, I have decided it would be a stupid thing to get a ticket for.

Even while hunting antelope.

In Elk country, unless I had the only tag in the area. I can't imagine taking it off.

I have even seen a outfitter on tv take off a guys orange hat (Wyoming) and rub it against a fireburned tree to camo up the orange during a sheep hunt.

So if we aren't obeying the laws on orange, what else are we looking the other way on?

Just my 2 cents, not trying to start a war. I just thinks folks should do the right thing. Especially when they post it on a forum or on tv.