I have been lucky enough to get stuck with the title Armorer in the military, though 99% of my job has to do with safety of flight gear, personal flight gear and emergency systems like parachutes, rafts, mountaineering gear, tents, survival equipment and oxygen systems. A squadron has to have someone to maintain and store firearms, and in Naval Aviation it is the Riggers.

For a long time I have been nuts about German and Austrian gunsmiths who build things like double rifles, mausers, single shots, drillings and vierlings (3 and 4 barreled rifles/shotgun combinations guns).

Depending on how my retirement job prospects come out, I am thinking about pursuing a internship with a custom gunsmithing outfit in Europe or someone like Dakota to fine tune my craft. And increase my machine shop skills.

If you could have anything built to your preferred method of hunting what would you have?