I have been a long time owner of Pentax 20x60 PCF WII binoculars, and my father who has a very good view of Casper, Mountain keeps them mounted on a Bogen tripod in the living room facing the mountain where they live. They get used several times a day for their view of the mountain, and on summer nights to take a look at stars, moon, planets and so on. For the price we paid they are excellent, I think something like $180 5 or 6 years ago.

They are actually the 2nd pair of Pentax 20x60's I have owned. My first pair were stolen out of the back of my truck in 1998. I bought them in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates with a cheap bipod, and a bipod mount so I could take a better look at the Red Sea Hills as we transited off the coast in the Red Sea. Looking for ibex from the aircraft carrier. Didn't find any, but I did see some interesting sights on our Suez Canal transit.

I have made the mistake of buying two pairs of Steiner 20x80 and 25x80 Senator binoculars. Image quality is fine but they have Steiners adjustment system that doesn't work. That and the worst part of either story is that the damn things are not binocular. You will see two seperate images, at different angles. Drives me batty. Both were returned to Optics Planet, and instead of sending them back to Steiner I got a refund and a call stating that Steiner customer service isn't worth a crap. The last time I bought a pair was about 7 years ago, so things might have gotten better.

I have also got to use several pairs of ship mounted 20x100 and bigger military binoculars made by several different high end American companies in the 1960s and 70s.

I know Optolyth and Docter make some interesting big eye binoculars, but I have not got a chance to play with them.

BUT! I have always lusted after a pair of Ziess image stabilized 20x60s.

Does anyone on here own any? I talked to a Ziess rep when I was living in Europe and was told they are part of the classic line, like the Klassiker 8x56 and won't ever be discontinued.

Street price right now is about $5500-7500 depending on where you find them.