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Dangerous Junk!

You can buy 3 or 4 Cold Steel Finnbears or Mora knives for the same money. The biggest difference is that the Cold Steel and Mora knives won't break apart and cut you to smithereens in the back country.

For $100 you can buy a Spyderco or CRKT with a ATS-34 blade that will do damn near a whole elk.

For $500 you can buy a Diamond blade knife that will do 10 elk without being sharpened again.

I used to have a love affair with razor bladed swap handle knives at work. I figured out it's easier to sharpen a good knife than get stitches over a crappy one.
I don't get your post? How much do you think the Havalon costs? I paid $33 for mine, and it comes with 12 extra blades. More blades cost $6.50 for a dozen. If you're not ham fisted you can easily do a whole elk with one blade. Seems pretty cheap to me.