I haven't done any backpacking for years........and when I did, it was always for fishing. Anyway, I recently purchased an Eberlestock J34. Well, last night I started packing......and I ran out of room FAST!! I know I am probably taking too much, but I'm not really sure what I need to take out. This is just going to be a short trip.....leaving today and returning Sunday. I plan on keeping track of what I use and don't use....then remove from my "packing list" when I get home.

I am thinking that I will upgrade my tent (older LL Bean 2-man "backpacking" tent) and sleeping bag (older Mtn Hardwear 20 degree Lg. mummy) in the near future and this should give me some extra room. I did not put my spike duffel on the outside, so I'm using the base 4600 cubic inches of the J34. It seemed like food took up a good bit of room.....as did extra clothes. It's gonna be warm today....but turning colder tomorrow...so I had to pack some layers. I have minimal hunting gear packed (bow, binos, rangefinder, wind checker, etc.). I probably have too many extra batteries for the GPS and two-way radio......and too much paracord, etc. I'm using a Jetboil Flash and taking two cans of fuel (could probably get by with one).

I guess I am sorta thinking out loud here......but was hoping I could get some tips/advice on how to maximize space and get by on the bare essentials.

Thank you in advance for any and all tips!!