I am buying a compact spotter for my yearly backcountry elk hunt. I am not able to swing the Nikon ED50 yet, and I have heard the raves about the Minox MD50...HOWEVER; I have a shot at a Brunton 9050ED (BRUNTON ETERNA 18-38X50MM) for the same $$. I appears Brunton dropped it's 50mm line, but all the Eternas are ED, fully multi-coated glass and usually run in the 800-1200 range. Not to mention it is a Wyoming Co. w/a lifetime warranty.
So, I value what I hear on here and Mikes blog, and have been looking at the Minox, I haven't heard any talk about this Brunton scope...does it live up to what it appears to be? By $$ and features (fully-multi and ED) it seems to be the equal to the Nikon. The Minox is only multicoated (not fully) and not ED.
Thoughts? Experience?
Thanks folks.