so my father wanted to go do some deer hunting yesterday morn, the opener in idaho. he cant get around like he used to, no longer a mt goat but one of us boys has to go with him so he doesnt feel like a mt goat and get stranded on the mt 2 thou feet above the tree line sucking on rocks for air. so i took him somewhere where we could find an easy 2x doing some rd hunting, not my choice but to people in his shoes its all they have left. we pulled in pretty early to the base of a deep long canyon and waited till light so we could see, being how we werent going to be hiking around... we sat there for about an hour watching litteraly 20 diff truck and 4 wheelers race ahead down the rd trying to get ahead of the other. it was funny, we laughed the whole time. good bonding time. by daylight the ridges and drainages and open hill sides were covered with orange dots. reminded me why i back pack in now with all the preasure all the deer had nowhere to go but back down. im surprised nobody was shot!! people shooting every direction. i wish i wouldve got it on film. a heard of does and small bucks came storming past the truck and dad wobbled out of the truck grabbing his side arm (.357) of his belt and pulled some john wayne move and plowed a little 2x over. ha.. he said trhow it in the back and lets get the hell out of here, i dont want shot. not the hunt to strive for but boy was it different. good hunting folks!