Just got back from my Wy antelope hunt. Had a great time! Got to my unit mid afternoon and started seeing antelope immediately! Saw 8 bucks that night driving in. Woke up next morning to an inch of snow. I spotted this buck with over a dozen does glassing at first light. Put the spotting scope on him and I knew he was a nice buck so I stalked in to 300 yards and put him down in his tracks with 1 shot from my 270! He was even bigger then I expected when I got up to him!!! Not sure what he scores yet but it really doesnt matter, Im very happy with him!Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	4330 Saw alot more antelope on the way out and even got a coyote! Then I got a leftover doe tag and went to scout my 2nd choice unit for next year. I wasnt quite clear on the blm lines so I stopped at a ranch to clarify what was blm and after talking a while I was allowed to fill my doe tag on the ranch and invited to come back next year! There were some other hunters there and 1 guys 12 year old daughter got her first antelope. She even helped skin mine. Its always nice to see kids getting into hunting and it was a great experience!!!! Then I went up to North Dakota and visited some good friends for a day before coming home. All in all the whole trip was great!