I didn't end up flying back to Wyoming to help my 72 year old father hunt moose. Pretty sad, but military committments got in the way as usual.

Anyway he shot a big dry cow on Union Pass, the skinned carcass weighed 550 pounds, so it was a big cow. Huge cow.

They had a couple of grizzly rodeos getting her out, but the bears kept far enough away to make it work.

As is normal luck, on the way down the mountain he saw a huge 6x6 bull standing in one of the big parks at about 5:30 in the afternoon. He told me he got out watched him feed for a couple minuites, loaded his rifle, lifted his rifle up and decided he had enough meat for the season.

I told him I probably woudln't have had that kind of composure.

This was my father's 7th moose, 2 in Wyoming, 1 in Alberta and 4 in Alaska.