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    Hunting terminology pet peeves

    The TV thread got me thinking, i thought this might be fun to talk about.

    What words or phrases do you find to be like nails on the chalkboard when you hear them? There are a bunch on outdoor TV. I will offer up the following to start:

    "A Dandy" - what the hell does that mean, I thought that meant someone who dressed in fancy clothes whose sexuality may be in question. When did we start calling animals with big headgear that?

    "Of a lifetime" - I think this should only be reserved to be used by people over 65 or those with terminal illness. WAY overused, I won't know what my "whatever" of a lifetime is until I hang it up or I can't get around enough to go anymore.

    Boyaa and BBD are used by particular tv hunting personalities, but why does everyone have to have their own catch phrase? Rediculous. Thanks Eastman boys for "keeping it real." Oh hell now I went and did it!
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