My old Browning rain gear finally gave it up last fall after about 10 years of hard use. I bought a set of the Sitka downpour rain gear to replace the Browings, as I wanted something a little lighter weight and more packable. With the extreme drought we've been in here, I hadn't had a chance to test them out until yesterday. I sat in a serious down pour (pun intended? ) four about 5 hours, and was completely dry when the hunt was over.

I loved my Browning gear, hence owning for10 years, but after an extended sit such as yesterday, I would invariably be a little wet around the ankles, knees and elbows. I give the down pour set two thumbs up, and while it is expensive, so is any other good rain gear. Awesome stuff for sure, if anyone is in the market for some new rain gear, I'd recommend it.