well, the super tag thing didnt go as i had planned. monday morning i found myself 80 yards from a really heavy bull. trees were thick but open enough, wether was bitterly cold; which was refreshing. elk were going crazy. after watching a bachelor group of small bulls walk by i heard that infamous deep gruntly bugle from behind me, so i took off running that direction trying to keep my balance on the steep slope. he would scream every time i did but i wasnt gaining ground but i knew he would be in a clearing soon so i kept on trucking. finaly when i heard him singing, he was close... i got down and began looking around and there he was! huge antlers, i didnt even count points, i didnt have to, he was huge! i waited and waited for a shot trying not to be seen by his cows. finaly he stopped inbetween two trees that gave me about a foot wide shot at his vitals. i shot... that sound and smell of that old .win 270 filled the air and i watched the bull react. he was confused but i couldnt get another shot in. he turned and followed his cows up the hill and if he wasnt hit then he had one heck of a funny walk. this was monday morning at 0930. is pent the rest of that day and every daylight hour until thursday noon looking for him. not alot of blood, no bull. they had walked into the thickest stuff i have ever walked through. i was cutting branches and ripping out bushes. i litteraly whent insane those few days. not even mag pies and crows gave me a clue as to where he was. i hope it was a bad shot and he made it for next years archery. i puked several times having known the biggest bull i have ever took aim at has slipped through another season. after a long drive home and alot of coffee i grabbed my fam and we headed out to the desert. about 6pm my son, (6) says.."dad, elk!!" i look and see cows 50 yards ahead so i hop out and sure enough there was a bull, a small 5x. i got back in the suv and both my kids said shoot it dad shoot it. i said its not big enough, then hunter, my kiddo said, are you kidding me???? he is huge". haha. then i realized where the true trophy in this hunt was. after several pictures he is hanging in my garage. soon to be hanging in his room. i guess trophies come in all kinds, all in all, not what i wanted... but what i needed. it was great!