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I agree with packer. I also use Leopold with the Boone and Crockett on all of my long range rifles. If you pick a premium brand of ammo and send the ballistics from the box and your scope to Leopold's custom shop they will add a drop turret to your scope with the exact compensation to the turret so all you have to do is range, dial the turret to the range and fire. Also they will ask for your elevation and approximate temp that you will be hunting in. Then you will have the quick reticle in the scope and the turret for when you have time to set up for the longer ranges. Ive shot coyotes at 570 yards with the turret and a deer at 600 with just the reticle. my guns are very accurate out to 800 yards with the turret and 600 with the reticle. But you have to practice ALOT. I'm very confident in my guns and I practice every time I can, all year in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, high wind and no wind. All will change the trajectory of the bullet. I shoot a Savage 7mm wsm and a Custom 338 ultra mag.
I use the same set-up with the varmint hunter reticle and CDS on my scopes, works great.