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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado Cowboy View Post
    Just returned from an Antelope hunt in wyoming and am looking for anyone else who has used these bullets. They really shoot great on paper in my 25-06 and .257 Wby Mag, with the right load, less than minute of angle. In my .25-06 I used 100 grainers and in the Wby 115s. The bullets just exploded on impact, really made a mess of the meat. Went back to my Sierra 117 gr boattails and got great expansion like I always do one my last antelope. I guess these Noslers are really not designed for hunting. They were given to me and they shot great groups, but are really nasty for hunting! Guess I'll shoot up what I have left at the range. Won't use them again on deer or antelope
    Hey CC, thats why I use Accubonds, they hold better at higher velocities and dont make a mess of the animals. I shot my goat with a 7mm saum, 160 grain Accubond traveling 2975 fps. My buddy shot his goat with a 25-06, 110 grain Accubond traveling 3200 fps. My goat was quartering towards me, when the bullet hit him in the right shoulder at 425 yards. The bullet went through and exited just behind the shoulder on the opposite side. The entrance hole is the diameter of the bullet. The exit hole is about the size of a half dollar. It destroyed the left shoulder and lungs. Upon being hit, the buck rear up like a stallion, fell backwards and dropped in its tracks.

    My buddies buck was shot at 167 yards (25-06). The bullet entered on the left side of the neck just behind the cheek bone and exited the other side of the neck. The entrance hole was the same size as the diameter of the bullet. The exit hole was about the size of a quarter. The bullet destroyed the vertebrae. The buck dropped in its tracks. By the way, how about a picture of your goat and rifle.
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