I know its a long ways away, but with putting in for points in other states and counting on drawing those tags, WY will be 2015 before I can get up there to chase some elk.

So here are my questions, and if anyone needs help in CO, feel free to fire right back. Always happy to share information.


I will have 5 points in 2015. Planning an archery (will put a rifle in hand if I can fill the tag with a bow) elk hunt. Looking to have a base camp, but will to pack in if necessary. Looking at trying to draw a limited tag. Not looking for a 300 inch bull, just looking for a good quality hunt with good number of elk.

Obviously units with a lot of wilderness are out being a non-resident, there are a lot of units in the Southeast most have very limited access.

-What unit would you put in for?
-How is the public access?
-Are there any units specifically in the southeast?