I wish I could have stopped to take a look at that herd but to tell you the truth, my wife spotted them first, I saw them out of the corner of my eye and thought they where cows, they were all bunched up. By the time she said something I was able to pick out a nice little rag horn, I would expect that time a year mr. big would be close. There was road construction so it just wasn't a good place to stop. In Tillamook there was a big sporting goods store, can't remember the name but it was on the main drag. I spent a few minutes in there as the gals were shopping at Fred Meyer across the street. There were a lot of locals in there, I would try that store. Their prices on gear and stuff was high but I was able to pick up a fuel bottle for a stove of mine that isn't manufactured any longer or sold in the U.S. so that was nice.

Don't worry about cutting open the paunch (stomach), if a hunter has never done it by accident then they haven't gutted too many animals. In fact, many guys like to open it up to see what the animal is eating once it is out of the animal, not me but to each their own. Hunt long enough and you will shoot one in the paunch, not the most fun experience but you can deal with it.

As far as ethics goes, everyone has a little different idea of exactly what that means to them and you will have to figure out what it means to you. What is fine with one hunter is taboo to another. As long as it is legal it is o.k., don't get caught up in the "ethical" part of it, it will drive you crazy! Just stick to the rules.

Finding out that your meat really doesn't come from a grocery store for the first time could really be brutal, I suppose, if you never have been around a farm or grown up hunting. Don't let your imagination or what you read/see in a hunting video or magazine define what really goes on, just sit back and enjoy the experience for what it is.