I have been in the unit three time looking and planning my mule deer hunt. Things have changed and now I am spending my days in Rochester Mn waiting on my wife to recover from lung surgery. I already sent Colorado my bear tag and ask for a refund. The mule deer tag will be a different story, I will keep the points and they can keep the money.
We were here at Mayo about six weeks ago and could have had surgery then but she wanted me to get in the bear hunt so we returned to Arkansas. When we returned to Arkansas she was not in good enough shape for me to leave so I sent the tag back. I plan to wait as long as posssible before sending the mule deer tag back. There is always Nebraska which is a little later in the seasons and I may not be able to do that either.
I guess this is what I get for getting old, even old hunter is young compared to me. She has sponsored lots of good hunting so maybe she can get well before I hunt again.
I need to say thanks to the Mayo Clinic and their best in the world health care. (Wish Obama could see this)