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    Wyoming Area 90 Mule Deer

    I'm back from my area 90 mule deer hunt. Thought I'd give a report for those considering this tag. The drought really had the deer concentrated on water. The hard part was finding the water. Plenty of bucks were spotted during scouting but nothing big. The first day I saw 44 deer, 26 does, 18 bucks. Most of the bucks were average, what you'd expect on a general hunt. Most of the bucks had only one thing going for them. Saw a couple of 26 inch wide bucks, but they weren't tall and had short points. Saw a tall buck, but he only had about a 14 inch spread. One buck was tall and wide but crab clawed on all forks. Finally spotted this guy and I wound up making a 430 yard shot when he finally rose from his bed. He was too nice to pass up and was the largest buck out of the 18 and the larger than anything found during scouting so I couldn't pass the opportunity. Overall it was a very enjoyable hunt...some monsters get taken out there every year but for the average guy I'd say area 90 is good for a solid 145-160 class deer. Good fun hunt for the chance at a bigger deer, but be prepared to take something in that class if you can't find the big one.
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