I am so depressed...
I was all set...cocked locked and ready to head out to elk camp in Tex Creek in a couple weeks.
All my gear is already pre-inspected,cleaned, fixed...ready to pack, all details double checked, ammo loaded, rifles sited in, knives sharpened, truck and trailer serviced, new tires,,,ect..

Then the septic system took a dump literally....then a week later the furnace guy says my funace is toast.

I can't believe so much expense could come in so short of time, Never the less my hunting is done for this year.
No way to get funds to drive to idaho from wisconsin except a loan from the bank....not doing that...wife says go ahead.......arrrgggg

You folks, please help me by posting pics of your camp and hunt in the coming weeks....please !!!!!!!!

I am going nuts here