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    Utah bull 2012

    Utah Bull 6x6, Great hunt lots of fun lots of Bulls bugling from opening day hope the picts come thru.
    Hunted 12 days in Utah 4 days in Nevada missed a big 6x8 in Nevada (hit a tree) tag soup.

    Utah hunt was awesome chased elk every day ranging from big 6x7's at 70 yards, out of my range had a few nice 6x6's to many trees and bushes in the way, Had a big 7x7 running straight at me caught me drawing my bow at 10 yards I thought he would run me over. Finally morning hunt had this nice 6x6 at 50 yards standing behind a small bush bugling every two or three minutes, I thought that I would sneek in another 5 yards to make it a chip shot at 50 yards got busted by two cows that I had not seen. That afternoon I snuck back in the area I could hear the bull Bugling like crazy and they were headed for a wallow at the end of a canyon. I took off trying to beat them to the wallow the wind was not in my favor so I had to back off. I sat around for about an hour waiting for the wind to settle on which direction it was going to blow. The wind finally changed to my favor the bull was still up by the wallow bugling like crazy, I made my way to the bottom of the canyon and headed up. I came to the park with the wallow in the upper end I could hear the bugles, I could see a few cows in the trees on the far side of the park but could not find the bull. I started across the park made it maybe twenty yards heard another bugle from the bull, as i looked over I saw the top of his antlers move he was laying down in the same park that I was sneeking across. I got pretty excited at this point I got my range finder and ranged the bull the range finder said 70 yards, as the bull started to stand up I thought there is no way it is 70 yards away, the bull turned his head to look towards the cows and I thought he was turning to walk into the trees so I drew my bow and shot putting the bull vitals between my 50 and 60 yard pin and let er fly. I did not see my arrow hit the bull but it sounded good, the bull took 4 steps and layed down. I thought did I just miss that bull, all I could see was his antlers above the grass, I could not believe he wasn't dead, I watched him for about 10 minutes nocked another arrow and started sneeking towards him the cows were still in the trees and a couple were in the park farther up the canyon about 60 yards away a soon as I could see the bulls body i could see my arrow his antlers were leaning against a dead tree keeping them from laying over. My arrow hit it make right in the heart. Needless to say I was a happy camper.
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