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Thread: snow!

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    Sure has been a strange year in regards to the weather. We have some 80+ degree days in the forecast for ND (I thought it was fall now ). I'm more of a -10 to -20 degree hunter myself. I'm a big fan of any weather that lets me have the woods to myself. Plus the snow sure helps with spotting critters.

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    hmmm, in between caribou mt and poker peak somewhere ha, on top of jensen pass, wasnt alot but was sure nice to see. been watching the radar and looks like a huge low is forming in alaska and dropping our way, if it keeps coming we could be into the snow bout a week from this weekend. cross your fingers. and poor salmon, ud think with all the rain we got it woulda cleard them out but instead it settled the smoke in deeper. atleast its not in the 80's anymore.


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