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The gun I carry outdoors when not packing a rifle is a S&W Model 60 Pro Series 5 shot 357 revolver. It rides great on the hip and is out of the way. When I carry it where I pack my Leatherman when working I don't even notice it's there. May not be what you want, but 38's are pretty reasonable for plinking and the 357 has some great heavy loads for carry in the backcountry. It fits my use and points and shoots real well for me. I catfish in some remote areas where I've seen mountain lion, and where the druggies put meth labs and marijuana fields so I like to have it along. Only thing I've used it on other than small game was a sick raccoon, not sure if he had distemper or rabies so I shot him and burned him to be safe.
X2. I had mine Magnaported and added a Pachmayer grip. Makes it a pleasure to shoot, even with the .357 loadings.