I am new to the forum. Seems like some great info. I have never been on an elk hunt but planning on one to CO next year. I want to do a diy hunt. I have no points so an over the counter hunt is my option (I think). I have a ton of questions that have probably been answered 100 time. Seems like alot of guys do things abit diffeeent from the next though.
I think an extreme high altitude hunt will be out of my league for my first(also a good chance my wife will be along).
Ar there options that fit that bill. Seems like I may haabe to hunt later because elk come to lowere elevations later in year,is that right. I think I may ne able to get an opportunity but have tons of learning to do if this will become reality.

I am plannig a diy because i dont have 10,000 ro blow on a guided hunt