I am From Texas - i am a Outfitter/guide as a living as well as Capture/transporting/stocking exotic game ranches with live animals ...

BUT --- i Know nothing about Wyoming, Draw tags, OTC Tags, Units, etc.. etc..
being from Texas - everything is private land, and we get 5 deer tags, 2 turkey tags every year with a license purchase.
So, states like WY, NM, CO, AZ etc.. is completly new to me ..
and very confusing.

This is what i have learned -- PLEASE correct me if i am wrong
I THINK I have figured out the maps --

1)the Yellow is Public Land for any one with a Tag - but NO CAMPING allowed
2) yellow/white checkerboard -- public and private .are these all easily accessable public land at the "Corners" ??

question #1 -- which colored areas on the map , is camping allowed?
i would assume its smart to find a big yellow BLM area, close to an area where i can camp out

question #2 -- I understand that ATV or VEHICLES are not allowed in yellow areas? are all yellow BLM Walk in only?
or am i wrong here?

#3 -- what areas are vehicles allowed??

THE HUNT -- I would not be very picky my 1st trip out -- not "needing" a 70, 75, 80 class Antelope on the 1st trip --
i have been told that an "AVERAGE" Example of a Buck - would score around 60-65 ? is this correct?
i assume these would be your typical bucks seen off the highway , that could at least "set the standard" for my future trips to hunt antelope. im hoping to put a average buck on the wall -- then have something to beat the next year, after i have learned more about this WY Process.

I am looking for info on which zones would be good to apply for a buck tag.
an area with easy access, and a High chance for a non resident to draw a buck tag and at least get a shot at an average buck. or even areas to purchase a tag over the counter?

any info appreciated