I have the 2200 and like it best. The configuration is a little odd, but it does a great job of hauling meat if needed for the initial haul out. I really like the configuration and versatility of the Eberlestock, but I just couldn't get them to fit well. I bought the blue widow and took it back after testing it with 40lbs of weight. The torso was too short and it put too much weight on my shoulders vs my hips. I adjusted it as long or tall as it would go. The 2200 it taller or longer...which was a lot more comfortable. You really don't want much weight on your shoulders, they're more for stabilization. Total bummer because I liked the versatility of the Eberlstock. You won't know until you put weight in one and do a little hiking. Then differences become obvious. Everyone is different, so try them. Both are great quality.