so spent last 6 days down along nevada border chasing bulls, big bulls!! first day spoted 2 hawgs that were pushing 375, later that day passed on a decent 300 bull 20 yrds out, next day tire whent flat.... no spare! 5 hours later and some good friends that was fixed. next morning stalked within 100yrd of one of the big7x ive been watching, release was left at camp! next day after sitting on a water hole for 8 hours a big 6x and cows came in, while waiting for him to step out 2 guys on horses walked by and spooked them. really? 10 tags in unit and havent seen anyone in 3 days and they show up right as the bull does??? really?? i was ready for some good sleep and good food so headed home yesterday eve. seen a decent 4x buck pulled up on him at 40 then realized i was to tired to deal with any of that at the moment. got back to blackfoot bout 1130pm and heard knocking under hood, belts and altinator destroyed, radiator hose and power steering hose destroyed. ha. has to get better right?