I have a few questions if anyone could please help me it would be greatly appreciated. I have always dreamed of doing a DIY bear hunt and my wife wants to go too. I have been all over the NM Hunting Guide and Rules, and my head is about to pop. lol They are way different from Oklahoma's regulation book. lol There's a lot more going on other then buy your tag and hunt. My question is, can NR buy over the counter tags for bears? If so is it archery only or can we use other methods such as rifle or bp? I want to do it with a bow but I would like to better my chances for the first time or two. My final question is can NR hunt on public land with there OTC tags or is it private land with a guide only? I fully don't expect to fill a tag the first few season I go. I know I can't drive over then and get one right away(that is not how my luck goes), I am just wanting to go because I have never hunted out of Oklahoma and I am going for the change of scenery, chance to hunt a new animal, and my wife wants to do that for our 10th anniversary. I am not looking to take anyones spot or anything like that I just have a few questions and didn't want to bother the wildlife department with out trying to figure this out on my own first.lol I am going on an elk hunt next fall for the first time if I have the time. Thank you for any help and for any advice.