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    Best rifle sling I have ever used

    I have long been a fan of rifle slings. Not merely for carring the rifle, but as a tremendous advantage in helping to steady my aim. I like the narrow slings like the traditional military sling, but even a simple adjustable strap is a great help when used in the “hasty sling” fashion, by merely inserting the support arm through the sling between the sling and the stock from left to right (for a right handed shooter), and then bringing the wrist around the sling and jamming your hand against the front swivel. Of course, the sling will have to have the proper amount of slack to make this work, but it is easily accomplished by simply adjusting and trying. If you have not tried this method, you will be amazed at how much support and how much steadier you will be able to hold the rifle.

    Recently I have discovered the Gunsite Safari Ching Sling, manufactured by Galco. It is a great improvement over the hasty sling method, and gives me even more support. It works just like the traditional military or target sling, but is very quick and easy to employ. The hasty sling can put side pressure on the stock and sometimes create an accuracy problem. Not so with this sling; it acts in line with the stock. The hasty sling is slightly quicker to employ, but the advantages of the Safari Ching Sling make it entirely worthwhile, and I’m only talking fractions of a second. If those fractions of a second will make the difference, you probably weren’t going to get the shot anyway. They are more expensive than some of the stuff that looks pretty but can only be used to carry the rifle, but once you use one, I think you will find it very worthwhile. Here is a link to the Galco Safari Ching Sling:
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