As with all of you I have seen many memorable things while afield. However the hands down best happened on Kodiak Island while I was deer hunting after a summer of living on things that swim.

After a long morning of glassing for a meat buck I finally found one bedded close to some thick willow brush on a small tundra bench. After a short stalk I settled the .338 onto my pack and dispensed a 225 grain death pill. Needless to say the buck never heard the report. You all know what comes next... Work. Upon getting dinner boned out and placed in pillow cases I was putting my gear away and just slipped on the heavy pack while reaching down for my rifle I heard willows crack about fifteen yards away. I knew exactly what was there and standing up shouldered the win mag and found myself peering over the scope at one of Kodiak's famous thousand pound residents. The brownie had not come to the gun shot but had instead smelled the blood and sauntered over for a look see. Well, the meat was on my back instead of on the ground so that meant if he came he was coming for me and the meat. Soooo, off went the safety and on went the bear voice... Hey bear, get outta hear bear,(I do not know why we always call them bear, like they dont know or something). Well, he decides that there is easier food else where and lumbers off, much to my relief, leaving me with a full pack, full drawers, and decent story.