My mule deer hunting hole in Nv has now been foun out! I saw 6 different archery hunters in the same spot I took my 175" buck last year. And while Antalope hunting for my wife's buck this year I saw 4 rigs roll up the same drainage we go to and didn't come out. I've heard that to get the rif raff out I should tell everyone I know about the area and let it get hunted out then nobody will hunt there anymore then u can go back in 5 years or so and get good bucks again. I'm not to sure about this "strategy". I've been so pretective of the area I have a hard time telling folks about it. I know one of my hunting partners have told a few guys and I feel this has been the demise of the area but I won't blame it all on him. (I want to though). What do you guys think I should do? I have decided to start hunting a new area so at least I and my buddies won't be taking more deer from the area to help with my cause but I'm really bummed about this area we have been taking great bucks for the past 6 years or so.