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    Mule deer success in Wyoming, Pics

    Just returned from the Bighorns, had a wonderful trip like usual. Shot this 5x5 the second day. I got a little greedy as I passed up a 4x4 to get a shot at this buck, he was trailing the 4x4 by about 25 yards. He went about 80 yds. blood pouring out both sides. The heart was untouched so I must have taken the aorta artery out. The first day I passed on a small buck and also had two bull elk at 18 yds. Most of the deer seemed tobe feeding in the timber as the meadows were burnt to a crisp by the sun.

    Jen, I stopped at a camp that had a couple of dogs to see if it was you, but no luck. They said they didn't know you, so I assumed they live under a rock or something. Maybe we can meet next trip. Good luck in your hunt.
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