I am looking for "THE" jacket for backpack hunts. These suckers are expensive and I want to buy a good one and only do it once. I am looking for a jacket that is good in all situations, is durable, and warm. That way I only have to worry about packing in one jacket for the trip.

I have a quality base layer, but struggled with my coat last year. This year I am upgrading. I have narrowed it to three, but wanted some opinions on what everyone is using.

ASAT Outdoors Elite Ultimate Jacket http://www.lancasterarchery.com/prod...ducts_id=11989

Sitka JetStream http://www.sitkagear.com/products/op...stream-jacket/

Russel APxG L4 http://www.gandermountain.com/modper...ID=4004&r=view

Any thoughts or suggestions about other jackets are welcome. Thanks