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    First Archery Bull (Montana)

    Well I was lucky enough to get my first archery bull on the ground on the second morning of our hunt! I was very fortunate that my father made the trip over from Idaho to join me. It was a experience we will never forget!
    After passing a small rag horn and having a 6pt bull at 10 yards and seeing a total of 16 bulls on opeing morning we were thinking how could the next day even be half as good as today! After several scouting trips in the area we knew that we still had another drainage to check that should be very productive. So we made our game plan for the second morning and went for it! After reaching the bottom of the drainage we heard a loud branch snap and I looked in that direction and seen a small bull raking his antlers so we set up quickly, my dad crept back 75 yards and started cow calling. With no reactions from the bull i heard 2 bulls fighting farther up the hillside so i stayed patient and after about 45 minutes there were 8 bulls that filtered out and 2 bulls have bedded within 70 yards of me. After watching these bulls having no reactions to the calling i was wondering if it was going to happen. Out of nowhere one of the bulls on the hillside bugled my dad screamed right back at him and that was enough to fire him up and busting down the hill he came! After getting a couple quick ranges i picked my opening and as he went behind a group of trees i drew my bow and stopped him with a quick cow call with my mouth, I settled my 40 yard pin, squeezed the trigger and watched my arrow fly true! I couldnt stop shaking as i ran to my dad telling him "we did it!!!!". After following the blood trail for about 100 yards there lied our bull! All our hard work paid off and what a rewarding feeling it was!! The emotions running through me were undescribable! I want to give a huge thanks to my dad I could of done it without him!!!!
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