Pretty bleak situation for our best zone in the state right now, as about 70% of the zone went up in smoke a few weeks back. If something doesnt get done about the invasives, the deer population will plummet. The USFS and BLM dont factor deer numbers into their $$$$$$$. That zone relies on hunters to come up, hunt, and fuel their economy. I really dont see a light at the end of this tunnel, and it worries me that DFG wont be proactive in seeing what im seeing. It will take years for this herd to rebound, and the quotas will plummet as well. Is there any group or agency that would benefit from keeping the invasives out, as to let the natural sage benefit from this fire? This is an ugly tipping point, and it just plain sucks to be in this predicament. Im always the pessimist in situations like this, can somebody give me reason not to be?