i was up hunting with my extra elk tag and called in a very excited young 5x. at first i thought it was other hunters i knew were up higher and the calls sounded fake so i backed out back to camp to see thier trucks were gone, so i headed straight back up to the same spot and blew on the cow call and sure enough he answered back. 5 min later he was real close screaming up a storm, he ran in and started mauling a small pine. i read him at 40 then he just layed down. just like that. whent from excited as all get out to laying down??? ive never seen this. i sat there forever waiting him out then finaly lost patince and tried moving slowly for a clear shot, he spotted me quicker than big jake with an 8 shooter and was gone. it was pretty cool though. this was also in the middle of the day, so early in the season without alot of rutting taking place yet, that kinda struck me as odd too. either way, its on boys! good luck.