I'm new on the forum, just found it recently. I grew up in Michigan and hunted there when I was a kid. I've been wanting to get out again for years and finally got the California safety course done, so this will be my first hunt here.

I got deer tags for D7 and D8, I'll be rifle hunting and looking for Mule Deer. I'm going out for 9 days over the Columbus Day week, my plan is to is go into Sierra NF up by Porterville, then move south and into Sequoia NF and out through Kennedy Meadows.

Oh, and I'll be solo hunting.

I've been wood cutting in the area around Troy Meadows and Blackrock ranger station, but that's it.

I'm going to set up camp at my truck and then hike out for the day at each location, maybe overnight in the field if a place looks promising.

The main thing I'm concerned about my is truck and gear that stays back. Anybody have problems with vehicles or gear being stolen or damaged while they're out in the field?

Also, I'm planning to check in with the ranger stations along the way, let them know I'll be there and how long, etc. I'm looking into getting (haven't decided if I'm going to buy or rent) a personal locator beacon. Any other suggestions?

Thanks and good hunting.