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    Congrats on your kill. I will take a cow any day. I just love the hunt. I don't know much about the rut in other areas so I can't help you there. I was in North Colorado this morning at day break. Near Walden. It was 37 degrees and the trees were changing colors. I was workin so I wasn't able to get out and bugle but it felt like elk season. No snow but it had rained just before I got there.

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    Thanks T.S. I had a great time on the hunt, as always. It will be a great memory for me for years, as it is only my 3rd elk. It made it even better that my wife was 30 yards behind me and witnessed it all, this was her first elk trip...I think it was an eye opener for her but she did great. She packed out backstraps and neck meat the first night, then the next morning for the final trip she carried a front quarter and some extras over a mile out without a complaint.



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