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    PSE Dream Season EVO

    Ordered and received my 2011 PSE Dream Seaosn EVO back in December in full Mossy Oak Infinity and love it.

    I have it setup at 60#/26.5" shooting a 383 grain arrow at 285 fps. I use this setup with 100 grain Rage 3 Blade broadheads for what I call "lightskinned game" such as antelope and whitetail.

    I have a second setup for this bow, which is basically the same arrow but tipped with a 125 grain Rage 2 Blade broadhead for use on the "heavy skinned game" such as bear and elk. This one weighs in at 408 grains and flies at 280 fps

    Very smooth drawing bow, PSE outdid themselves with the 2011 line this year.

    If you haven't shot one, your missing a very smooth and fast bow.
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    2011 PSE Omen Pro 60#/26.5" 290 fps w/374 grain arrow
    2009 PSE Xforce GX 60#/26.625" 301 fps w/304 grain arrow; 276 fps w/374 grain arrow
    2011 PSE Bow Madness XL 55#/26.5" 243 fps w/406 grain arrow
    2011 PSE AXE-6 60#(IBO)58#(ASA)/26.5" 292 fps(IBO)287 fps(ASA) w/300 grain arrow



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