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    The wife's Nv Antelope

    The wife my daughter and I went Antelope hunting in a new area yesterday. We put on 458 miles on the pick up looking for Antelope. Camped out up in the hills last night had some good ol Moutain House for dinner then up early this morning. We had came back to were we has started in the first day and found ourselves with in 300 yards of a pretty good goat. The wife took a crack at it and missed shooting a little high. The wind was whipping and she was not as steady as she should have been. She told me she was not as comfortable with the shot but took it anyway. Well I guess we have all done that before. Needless to say it was a clean miss and we were pretty disappointed. We had some lunch and decided to help back to the ranch for the night when we passed a small road leading up to the base of some hills the buck she missed headed to so we decided to take a look. We drove till the road almost ended with only seeing four does. We turned around and headed back out. Disappointed and ready to call it good and have some tag soup for dinner. We only had two days to hunt we had to be back to Reno for my daughters cheer pictures. We went through a small revine and I looked out to my left and thought I saw a goat standing looking at us. I grabbed the binocs and sure as shit there he was. I didn't look at him for more then a second when I said get your gun he's a shooter when really all I knew is he had horns and it was male. We jumped out and I got her set up to make sure she was steady this time. Laid the gun on a back pack and sleeping bag. I gave her the range of 455 yards. I asked if she was steady and if she could see him. She said yes. I was watching through the binos and said shoot when your ready. She said ok here it goes. Then I heard CLICK! OMFG! Are you serious! I knew just then I unloaded the gun before we got in the truck but has the bullets in my front pocket. I quickly put one in the chamber while she was glaring at me with those, YOU better not have F'D this up for me look. I said ok shoot him! She took the shot and dropped him in his tracks with a neck shot. A little forward as I've taught her to shoot for the lungs but either way she got him!
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