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Correct, the sign said "yellowstone," sorry for the confusion. I believe the Pearce family runs it.
Yea, its a long story, We BS'd with the owners for a few hours, and they told us the whole story. To sum it up, the Pierce Family sold the business and carried the loan for the new owners. The new owners could not keep up with the payments, so they took the business back, but could not keep the "Pierce" name due to some legality, and changed it to Yellowstone. They are a nice family and do a great job, just would not give me a cut in price, when I asked if they could just hang my meat and freeze the quarters for the trip home. The butchers in Colorado are willing to deal with me more. Guess I could have looked around too, but Yellowstone was on our way back to the hotel from our hunting area, so it just made it more easy to go there. Californians are loaded with money anyway, so it was no big deal, just made my wallet fit easier in my pants....lol.