I'm planning on solo spot and stalk bear hunting in NW MT next month. I plan to hike in and out each day so I will be doing a lot of walking. I am not a road hunter for sure but I don't have lightweight equipment for staying in the backcountry.

My current pack is a fairly light 2600 size day pack with no frame. I am pretty sure I need a better pack for hauling out a bear. I am 58 and in pretty good hiking shape but hauling out 100 lbs at a time is not realistic at my age. Hauling 50 lbs added to what I carry in is more likely.

I was thinking of an Eberlestock J34 but read on here that the load adjusters don't work when hauling out a heavy load and it ends up being a backbreaker.

I like the idea of a rifle scabbard but it is not essential. I need a space for my 3 liter hydration pack, tripod, 65mm spotting scope and other essentials for a day trip.

What would you guys suggest? I try to buy good quality used equipment if I can find it.