Time is going fast!! In a couple weeks I will be hiking In for a week in the high country!!!! Was unable to make a scouting trip. I have a place to start and a couple back up spots. Only scouting was maps and google earth. I have talked to a person who has hunted it in the past. He assures me I am on the right path. He was able to take a very good one on his past trip. He doesn't predict lots of deer but assures me if I put in the time I will see deer worthy of a week in the high country. I can't say if I don't get an oppertunity I won't be disappointed. Have worked hard on a lot of trips both with friends and myself. I haven't harvested a trophy yet, but I have always had the time of my life!!! Hope the hard work and maybe a little good luck will bless me on this trip. Not that I'm not already blessed with the oppertunity. Maybe I just need to keep things in perspective I guess. Good luck everyone in the season that lies ahead, and stay safe!