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I've been reloading for over 50 years, so I definately have a little experience. What are you loading for? First you really should buy yourself a good reloading manual. It will have detailed instructions and answer a lot of your questions. Sierra, Lyman, Hornady are only a few. If you are only loading for rifle, then I would buy a good single stage press...I like the RCBS stuff. They will stand behind anything they sell, no questions asked. I've had them send me repair parts on stuff I've had for years....no cost, just called them and told them what I wanted. If I remember correctly they offer a startup kit. You will need dies, powder measure/scale, reloading blocks (hold the shells while you are loading) and a good notebook to record what you are doing so you can refer to it in the future. I have records going back 30 years or so. One thing to remember, usually a rifle will shoot a certain type of load better than other loads. You will have to find what your rifle "likes" best. Another thing is buy a neck sizer in addition to a full length sizer die. You will need to full length size any empty that was not shot in your rifle, After that it is only necessary to neck size them. The empties will last much longer that way. I also like to measure my powder with a scale, slower but more accurate IMHO. I weigh powder charge to the 1/10 of a grain.

If you will post what you are wanting to load for, I can help further.

Diddnt read through everything but CC is right RCBS has 2 "starter" kits. Rock chucker supreme and one other One is a digital scale and dispenser and the other is your standard funnel dispenser. When i started relooading I read a ton of books and over reloading forums. If you can buy powder and primers and bullets in bulk you def save money. I think when i did the math I was paying .45$ per round of 22-250 I would have to go back and do math again to confirm that