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Hey Don! That is a really nice goat. Looks like an old guy. Very unique heavy horns. Now everybody will be putting in for Big Valley.
Hey Saw, Thanks! He was missing his two center front teeth. No BS. Those are the two Fish and Game want you to send them. LOL !
I emailed Joe Hobbs and told him I'm sending those two and the two outside the two also. I think the mainly care about the root ???
Hey, I served my time waiting to draw ! Let them start applying. There will be bigger ones killed than that. There was a cowboy from Morro Bay there that drew the 2nd alternate ! I had the first alternate. He took a pic with his phone through his spotting scope and emailed it to me. We brought it up on my laptop. It was bigger than mine. He didn't get him opening day. I left the next day. He said he would email me if he shot one. He was going big or going home. He said had enough goat heads on the wall. I said me too but I bet not from Ca.. I think on last day I'd take a lesser buck than go home empty handed after driving total of 1500 miles and $$$ and waiting 10 plus yrs.. Heck, I did first day. LOL ! 8 tags and on Jr. tag. I met 4 of them including the Jr.. I heard one other hunter shot one opening day. The Jr. kid shot at and missed one he told me.