Another thing to consider taking is vasoline coated gauze if your in a sitiation and cant sew yourself or a large cut. You have about a 6-8hr window to close a wound, after that the chance of infection doubles greater even with cleaning/disinfection of a wound. Sutures are fine unless its a animal/human bite-leave open after cleaning. Superglue and tape are great. If you have a large wound, clean, rinse and cover with vasoline gauze to keep wound moisture and apply pressure dressing as needed. The xeroform(vasoline gauze) also doubles as a great fire starter if in a jam or wet conditions. Another great suggestion is coban. Its is like a ace wrap except one side is sticky like tape however will compress a wound better that standard gauze, but does not take its place due to low ability to absorb body liquid. Another quick fix is steri-strips, which in more or less like small supersticky strips of tape, place across the wound and pull the wound closed. This is the best alternative to sutures especially with a nasty (dirty) wound. And if you have a really good friend working in the medical field the stapler is the quickest way and will not come off with a staple remover ha.

Alcohol/betadine are best choice disinfect agents. Both are cheap. Betadine comes in small individual packets. alcohol comes on wipes and easliy stored. The quick clot stuff works ok but realize that it has to come off at some point. For large amount of bleeding elevate, pressure and dressing are ideal. Your belt can serve as a great touriqet.

If in a jam and have no access to gauze, newspaper is next best thing. About the cleanest thing you can buy- most newspaper is steamed with a alcohol based dye some the inside is basically sterile.