Hello everyone. Doing some research for my uncle and cousin....they are not computer savy like me!
uncle is in later 50's, and my cousin has some physical limitations due to an accident he had a few years back.
They have 11 Moose PP's, and I think this year will be PP # 12.....or maybe they have 10 and this year will be 11. Anyways, they cant both afford a fully outfitted hunt, but would be interested in a drop camp or possibily hiring someone if they have success to help pack out the moose.

So does anyone have any suggestions on areas? They had planned to hunt, hopefully, on a ranch by afton/thayne along the idaho border. But the last time they talked to the rancher he said the moose pop was way way down due to wolves.

They dont really care where in Wy they go.

Any suggestions on drop camps or people to hire to help pack out a moose or areas to look into will be appreciated.

Back in High school we hunted the northern bighorns by Burgess junction, and we saw some moose. small bulls and some cows. but that was over 15 years ago!!

I also hear alot about medicine bow, unit 26 among others..........

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!