i whent with my buddy on a speeg goat hunt yesterday, took wheelers back to an isolated alphalfa field where weve seen lots of lopes while scouting for elk.we set up a blind whent the extra mile to make it look like part of the landscape and pulled out the glasses and waited. not an hour later a guy pulls in and sets up 50 yards down from us in a totaly wrong blind. within the next hour there were 5 blinds set up within 200 yards from us. WTH? ive never been on a goat hunt before but is this normal? we watched a small herd working their way to the filed and when they got with in 100 yards they spoted all these blinds that were out of place and turned back. i would never set up close to where someone is set up. thats just wrong. any thoughts on this? agree, not agree? it was unerving.